Ah, weddings! What a time to be alive! Unless you’re the bride and/or groom then WOAH- Look out!

Weddings can be one giant ball of stress after another. But in a day with SO MUCH to keep track of, you know what you shouldn’t have to worry about? The photography. 

As your photographer I’ll show up early with a box of safety pins to make sure your day goes off as perfectly as it can. Because weddings are a team effort, and there’s no “I” in “team” (but there could be… there are 5 locations in which you could place an “I” in that word. But for legibilities sake, let’s not)

PRICING! Everyone’s favorite part!

Oh boy. Weddings cost an obscene amount of money. Don’t they? Unfortunately for me, so do professional cameras and lenses… But here’s the thing. I work on a sliding scale.

And you know what’s bad for business? A sliding scale.

But I’d rather take a pay-cut than have your wedding immortalized on 36 individual cell phones, none of which have the capability to make a nice print to hang on your wall. So let’s chat.

Prices USUALLY start at $1000 (industry standard depending on zip code), but you know me. We’re old friends. You did that thing for me once, and now I really need to make good on my side…

Hey… I… Ummmmmm

This is where I pin one of those safety pins that I brought along earlier (remember?) to my shirt.

Are you planning what your grandma might call an “alternative” wedding?
I’d be honored to shoot at your LGBTQ+, Kink, themed, and probably whatever-else-you-can-think-of wedding.

Whatever your preferences, whatever your genders, whatever your pronouns, whatever you wear (or don’t), you deserve a wedding shot by a professional who can see you for you. | (707) 380-4760 
(Based in Eugene, Oregon – Have camera. Will Travel.)