Events & Performances

You know what’s GREAT? Performances. You know what ELSE is GREAT? Events.

Ah man. I sure do love events & performances. OH! You have an event and/or performance that’s in need of a shoot? Well luckily for you, I’m your inside ticket. As a performer I know the intricacies of what makes a good performance, I can be be on the ground-level (or once, even on a catwalk) to make sure the photos of your event-and-or-performance look stellar.

Prices! Prices here! Get your prices while they’re hot!

Except here’s the thing. There’s a LOT that goes into shooting a performance, and I’m not gonna bore you with the details, but I am going to shock you like a 5th grader and offer you a POP QUIZ! It’s math today, kids. Buckle up:

Is your event IN EUGENE/SPRINGFIELD? If yes, add $150

Is your event OUTSIDE OF EUGENE/SPRINGFIELD? Expect to add $30+ to the above price

Is your event LONGER THAN ONE HOUR but LESS THAN FOUR? Add $50/hr

Is your event LONGER THAN FOUR HOURS? Ignore the above rate. You get $35/hr (WHAT?! Killer deal. I know)

Is your event the type where I just sit back SILENTLY and CLICK AWAY ON THE SHUTTER? Add $0. That’s right. Zero. You’re welcome.

Is your event the type where I have to ENDLESSLY WRANGLE PEOPLE/CHILDREN/BARNYARD PETS? We’re gonna have to talk details. Sorry I can’t give you a price… Except the “barnyard” part. I’d consider taking photos of your animals for free.

Your quote, probably.

Contact me by using your method of choice below and let’s talk it out. | (707) 380-4760 
(Based in Eugene, Oregon – Have camera. Will Travel.)