Portraiture. One of the oldest forms of art. Bask in the glory.

Portraits are great! It can be intimidating to be in front of a camera, but I’m certain that I can get you a the photos you’re looking for. Whether you need a headshot for your LinkedIn profile, a group shot for your band’s new album, or you just want to show off a new outfit, I’d love to work with you!

What about business portraits?

Oh yes. Your company wants it’s directory to look all nice and tidy and cohesive? I got you.

Alright, so full disclosure

I really enjoy shooting portraits, but I don’t have much else to say about it! Also, I just really wanted to share some of my favorite portraits that I’ve shot, so please, enjoy these!

Like what you see? Great! Get in touch with the form below

Brianmaneelyphotography@gmail.com | (707) 380-4760 
(Based in Eugene, Oregon – Have camera. Will Travel.)

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