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Self, November, 2015
“Self, November, 2015”

I was taught how to shoot photos on an old Pentax film camera, it belonged to my father. He had been a photographer in the 60’s and 70’s and was happy to explain both the broad stokes and finer points of mastering a camera. I learned landscape photography from him. He would be keen on explaining to me the theories of why certain photos worked, and others didn’t, while critiquing my work with a polished eye when I shared them.

Water Street
“Water Street” – Photo by Robert W. Maneely

In 2012, I got my first break when I moved from cold woods of the Northeast to sunny California and became a photojournalist for the Ukiah Daily Journal. My style changed rapidly, and I grasped the incredibly valuable lesson on how to become fearless when it came to capturing a moment.

First Up
“Carrigan Lane Fire, 2012”

In the following years, my focus shifted as I started practicing graphic design- yet another trait my father passed down to me. Yet unlike in his time as a graphic designer when work was done by hand with masking tape, stencils, and pens, I dove deep into the world of digital design, and creating unique composite imagery.

CHARLESTON, SOUTH CAROLINA - MAY 19, 2015: Shops line Broad streCHARLESTON, SOUTH CAROLINA - MAY 19, 2015: Shops line Broad stre

I loved the challenge of creating an image out of several parts. And as seen in the series below, I enjoyed focusing on the most minute detail to make my photo composites as realistic as possible.

Step 1: main subject


Step 2: background image

Navajo Bridge Near Page, Arizona

Step 3: hours of intricate “masking”

labor of love

Step 4: using transform controls to “morph” the coach into the scene, then adding motion blur to create the illusion of movement, and utilizing the background image to create a false reflection in the window.

Navajo Bridge Near Page, Arizona

With all of these skills firmly in place, I started working on creating printed media. I designed posters, booklets, and business cards- which brings me to today: The freelance photographer and graphic designer for all occasions.

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