Available Workshops:

Street Photography 101 – A Guided Tour (4 hours – $125)
             Locations: Eugene, Oregon; Portland, Oregon; & San Francisco, California*
This workshop covers the basics of Street Photography, from finding subjects, to composing pre-meditated shots, to building up the courage to take street portraits. Participants get an escorted tour around some of their choice city’s best locations for street photography. (*Only available certain times of the year)

How to see in B&W (2 hours – $50)
This workshop focuses heavily on form, contrast, and lighting, as well some important things to avoid when shooting in black and white. We will also discuss what makes a successful black and white photograph.

Intro to Portraiture (2 hours – $80)
This workshop teaches how to capture mood in portraits. There will be a hands-on demonstration on how to light and pose your subjects using either natural light sources,  flash, and constant light sources. We will also cover choices in aperture and background. 

Landscape Photography – Framing Nature (2 hours – $50)
This workshop covers extensively how to frame an interesting landscape or nature photo. From including and excluding elements, to long shutter experiments, this class will give you a strong foundation to create your own style in Landscape Photography.

Intro to Photoshop  (2 hours – $50)
Intro to Photoshop covers everything you need to know to start editing your photos and creating your own signature look. This workshop is a good way to grasp the many uses of Photoshop. Lesson includes how to create your own Photoshop actions that will help you more quickly edit your photos in the future.

Intermediate Photoshop (1 1/2 hours – $35)
Intermediate Photoshop gets deeper into the Photoshop world, discussing layer masks, cloning out blemishes in your photos, and utilizing filters.

Advanced Photoshop (2 hours – $50)
Advanced Photoshop covers some of the most advanced Photoshop manipulations, including frequency separation, blending modes, and using an adjustable ‘dodge & burn’ feature through layer masks.

(Photoshop workshops require a copy of Photoshop 6 or newer, except “Advanced Photoshop” which requires CS3 or newer)