Graphic Design

Much in the way I learned photography, I learned graphic design from my father. In the 70’s and 80’s he worked for a defense contractor in New Hampshire, working on electrical schematics and layout designs of complex switchboards and the like, but his passion was more in the creative type. Later in life, he would hand-paint signs on his days off. The lazy town we lived in speckled with his work. From the local fire department, to a salsa label which he drew an aged-self portrait of himself with a big straw hat, his work abounded.

Watching him work, and learning about details and font from him, I concocted my own style and went digital. Starting off by doing logos for my friends rock bands, to creating websites for businesses I worked at, I slowly but surely worked my way into the graphic design world. To date, I’ve done logos, business cards, ads, programs, posters, album covers, brochures, and even helped edit a book.